At Still Life, we seek to unlock uncharted territories of human potential through the application of Stillness Meditation.


What is Stillness?

Stillness is a state of awareness with no perception of Past or Future.

When you are fully present, fully Still, it is neurologically impossible to experience a negative emotion.

Because all of your "negative" emotions are rooted one way or another in the Past or the Future...

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What is Still Life?

Still Life is a health and wellness company rooted in the practice of Stillness.

Our mission is to reduce suffering, increase well-being, and help you build towards a life well-lived.

We aim to share Stillness in the most approachable, accessible, and exciting ways possible.

What do we offer?

Our primary platform is our app, Still Life: Meditation & Sleep.

The app presents a new Stillness meditation daily in an evolving Stillness journey.

This Stillness journey builds and develops with you as you learn to Still your mind - it’s the shortcut to better mental health.

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Still Life: For Work is our virtual business offering.

We partner with top-tier companies and grant their employees premium access to the app!

Please contact us here if you’re interested in finding out more about our business offerings.

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What people
are saying.

After just one Stillness session, I left with a clear and focused mind that I can not only translate into my professional career, but all aspects of my life.


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