About Still Life & Stillness Meditation

An overview of Still Life & Stillness Meditation

About Still Life & Stillness Meditation

About Still Life

At Still Life, we seek to navigate uncharted territories of human potential through the application of Stillness Meditation.

What is Stillness Meditation?

Stillness is a state of awareness with no perception of past or future. 

So when you are fully present, fully Still, it is neurologically impossible to experience a negative emotion. Period. Because all of your “negative” emotions are rooted one way or another in the past or the future… 

How can you feel anger with no perception of past?

How can you feel anxious with no perception of future? 

You can’t! Without using the mind to travel to the past and the future, these negative emotions dissolve. When you Get Still, the emotional waters of your mind settle and leave you with peace, lucidity, and a fresh perspective. 

From this simple fact, a brand-new world of possibilities arises allowing you to reduce suffering and enhance our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

With a Still mind, you learn to clear your fears, anxieties, and negative self-talk, allowing you to function at your best. Essentially, it helps you get out of your own way.

So “Getting Still” is the practice of becoming truly present and using this state to “reboot the system,” allowing you to rediscover a naturally enhanced version of yourself. 

There is no doctrine or dogma attached to the practice. What you do with your increased intelligence, creativity and problem-solving skills is entirely up to you. 

What is Still Life?

Still Life is a health and wellness company rooted in the practice of Stillness. 

Our mission is to reduce suffering, enhance well-being, and help you build towards a life well-lived. 

So this way, we aim to share Stillness in the most approachable, accessible, and exciting ways possible!  

Still Life Current Offerings:

The App:

Our main platform is our app, Still Life: Meditation & Sleep. The app presents a new Stillness meditation daily in an unravelling Stillness journey. 

This Stillness journey builds and develops with you as you train the skill of Stilling your mind – it’s THE shortcut to better mental health. 

The App: For Work

In our For Work program, we offer the app to businesses in tiered discounted rates so that teams can leverage the benefits of the practice together! If you’re interested in Stillness for your team, please contact us at the bottom of our webpage!

Corporate Retreats:

Moreover we provide full-day workshop retreats for executive teams. We provide a game-changing way of working with a powerful set of tools and techniques adapted from multiple disciplines to optimize your state of mind, condition your physical body, and nourish your spirit. 

Hosted at our headquarters in Venice, CA, we make luxury service our utmost priority in order for you and your team to sink deeply into the peace of the present.

Please contact us here if you’re interested in finding out more about our business-to-business offerings!

Still Life Future Offerings:

Prior to COVID, our facility was home to a member-based community built upon referrals and filled with purpose driven individuals willing to work on themselves. From executives to athletes to creatives and beyond. 

Built upon the bedrock of a Still Mind, Still Life connects purpose-driven individuals striving to serve something greater than themselves. Composed of like-minded explorers, each with wide-ranging fields of interests and passions that intersect to form a Learning Web. 

This, in collaboration with classes and elevated community experiences, encouraged each member to form sharpened thought-patterns and perspectives.

We plan to re-ignite our memberships soon! If you’re interested in learning more about the application process, please contact us here at the bottom of the page!