Why We Created The Go Mode Feature

Go Mode: the mind in the muscle

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Why We Created The Go Mode Feature

As mentioned in our last blog post on why we created Sleep, we took a deep dive into the various situations in which a Stillness practice can be a benefit to kick off our app ideation process. Next we started to look inward asking ourselves in what states do I use Stillness and why?”

A Still Mind serves as the pivot point to changing your state of mind.

That is a concept with a lot of depth that becomes more and more clear with practice. Then one of the most enjoyable ways of applying Stillness emerged – to get back to a productive state of mind!

When it comes to productivity, the stimulants we tend to use (tea, coffee, exercise) aren’t always practical or may have harmful side effects in excess. For example, strenuous exercise requires time, preparation and a change of clothes to be able to perform and large caffeine intake can cause anxiety.

However, you can release that invigorating neuro-chemical cocktail without dealing with those pain points.

We found that to do this most effectively though, we can combine a Still mind with other tools. Stillness alone is extremely powerful, but why not combine this with the body to energize the mind?

We designed Go Mode to provide an entry point to everyone! It isn’t a workout that only super athletes can complete fully. It will neither make you sweat nor will it take a lot of time. This way, it is practical for people working in an office as there is no need to change clothes or plan to take significant time out of your day. It’s only 7 minutes in duration.

Go Mode is a combination of Stillness putting awareness into focused movement. It also fuses in breathwork for a trifecta of energizing exercises to kick-start the mind back to a state of productivity.

Plus it’s fun too! We realized that being in a light mood is a very important component of a performance mindset. When brainstorming Go Mode, we agreed that it shouldn’t be too serious, so we included elements of humor and fun. One of our own users, Jake, remarked “I’ve halved my caffeine intake within a week.”

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