The Journey: FAQ’s For The App Update

Answers to the common questions regarding our update!

The Journey: FAQ’s For The App Update

The Journey: The Still Life App Update FAQ’s

With the update of the Journey, there have been a few questions about how it all works! Below, we’ve answered the most common!

What is the Journey?

The Still Life Journey is an intentional flow of meditations designed as a guide towards a Still mind. This series removes the guesswork from meditation and empowers you to build a personalized Stillness practice. Each planet features a unique theme, serving as a stepping stone towards focus, clarity, and, emotional balance Guide yourself along our meditative pathway through exploring subjects such as Growth, Habits, Love, and more.

What’s new?

1. Galatic User Interface (space themed)
2. New meditations (in the Journey)
3. Trackable progress (visual progression)
4. Library access (revisit meditations)
5. Freemium model (first planet & 3x States credits)

Can I still Just Press Play?

Absolutely! You will still get a new Stillness meditation every time you revisit the app. By tapping the center of each planet, you can functionally operate the app the same way as before with Just Press Play. You’ll progress through your Journey visually, but this is the only change if you don’t care to engage with the app further!

So, will I now be able to revisit certain meditations?

Yes! You can replay your favorite Stillness meditations whenever you’d like and also track your progress! We’ve also transitioned to a freemium model so that anyone can access limited content in the app indefinitely! People now have more time and opportunity to decide whether they like the content enough to convert. 

Does the addition of freemium change anything for me if I’m already a paying subscriber?

No! If you are already a paying subscriber you’ll be automatically transferred to a Premium user with full access to the app!

What do the credits on the States tab mean?

Now that the app is on a freemium model, users have the first planet unlocked, the Getting Started audio’s unlocked and 3x credits to try out our states! To play a state, you use one credit. To fully unlock the States feature, the user has to convert to Premium.

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How do I get the update on my phone? 

All you have to do is update the app on the App store or Google Play store to start your Journey! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

Click here to download the app!