Manifest Your Future With Stillness

Stillness and manifestation

Manifest Your Future With Stillness

Key Points:

  • How we at Still Life define “manifestation”
  • How we use Stillness to manifest our dreams
    • The world sees us as we see ourselves
    • Creating a sense of self that we then begin to believe, then become
  • What manifestation isn’t
    • Sit back and passively expect accomplishment to appear
  • How we use Stillness to practically build our dreams 

Def: To manifest (manifested; manifesting; manifests)

Transitive verb:

To make evident or certain by showing or displaying

Here at Still Life, we like to be very clear and intentional with our word choices. The meaning behind the word “manifest” has become blurred as the word has multiple definitions. 

The spiritual interpretation is often shrugged off as pseudo-science. There is a dismissive tone towards the word. However, we’d like to demystify this because there is so much potential benefit to intentionally feeling a future version of yourself. 

Visualize your goals

Athletes are trained to do this by their mental coaches… “Visualize your celebration before you catch the ball.” This primes your mind and your body follows. Thus, you are far more likely to actualize that reality!

This is because your subconscious mind does not think autonomously and independently, it is fed information from the conscious mind. It just takes in what the conscious mind provides it. 

So if the conscious mind is in a state of concern and dwelling on an unfavorable future, the unconscious mind has difficulty separating that information from the best case scenario. 

If you constantly imagine yourself in the losing situation enough, how will your body know how to win? 

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How can Stillness manifest your dreams?

When you stop thinking, you stop the thoughts impeding your progress. You interrupt doubt, angst, reluctance, hesitation. Fear! 

When you Get Still, all of that is temporarily set aside. 

What manifestation isn’t

We don’t believe that if you sit in the lotus position and Get Still enough, you can create something from nothing. There is a key element of directed effort and applied intention for us to achieve this. 

“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Directed effort, Stillness in action, is vital. When trying to change the world, the first step after Getting Still is to roll up your sleeves. 

How can Stillness help build your dreams?

When Still, you’re in the peace of the present moment. Imagine that ideal future and prime your subconscious to pursue that version of yourself. In this state, you are familiarizing your mind with that future. 

From there, when you encounter things that are a reminder of that, you have more direction of where to lean. 

So, the mindset you are in after Getting Still is far more attractive to people around you. When you are in an excited, ambitious mood, people want to be around you! You’re more likely to find cooperation and help to achieve your goals. 

So that’s how we see Stillness as fuel for manifestation! 

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