Why We Created The S.O.S. Feature

The story of the S.O.S. feature

Why We Created The S.O.S. Feature

When the Still Life app was in early development, the founding team had discussions about what states of mind Stillness was most helpful for getting into or getting out of!

The S.O.S. feature was born from a conversation one of our co-founders had with his friend. The app was in early development and the team was still deciding on what states were most important to address.

During this conversation, the friend recounted a story of his mom driving on the freeway when she received some bad news which started to induce a panic attack! Talk about an uncomfortable state at an inconvenient time!

She pulled over to the shoulder and her panic escalated. They waited for what seemed like forever until her panic attack subsided, but it was traumatic for both of them. She remained shaken up and uncomfortable driving! He expressed he felt helpless and he wished he could have done more!

While we don’t presume that an app alone can address chronic anxiety, we immediately saw an opportunity to aid with stressful situations and less severe anxiety utilizing the app. We knew that people could leverage Stillness to help them snap out of it.

When you stop your thoughts completely, you interrupt the momentum of negative states of mind.

Getting Still gives you space to adjust the mental angle in which you view your situation. This space is critical to putting the best version of yourself back in control. You regain choice over whether your states of mind control you, or you control your states of mind. All in the palm of your hand.

So we decided to develop S.O.S., a figurative splash of cold water, a series of short (<6 min) meditations to give you a grip and help you climb into clearer states of mind when in a bind.

There is a wide range of uses for the feature! It can be helpful for small scale situations to some that are more intense. Users have shared that they’ve used S.O.S. to help them calm nerves:

… before an interview, a first date, a basketball tournament, you name it!

Sound like something you could use? Click here try S.O.S. for free.