The Still Life Program

Launching in March 2023, experience life-changing transformation in 6 months or your money back.

What you’ll get

6 Workshops Hosted by Jim George

Jim has spent 43 years working with some of the most successful executives in the world.

Join the executive suite of billion-dollar companies, professional athletes & gifted creatives.


  • A toolbox of techniques for Stillness on demand
  • Learn the neuroanatomy underlying breath and breathwork
  • Release self-limiting beliefs, anxieties and destructive habits
  • Recognize and avoid the hidden traps of poor communication
  • Apply conversational techniques to more effectively understand others and be understood
  • Prevent future disappointment through powerful relationship frameworks

100% Money-Back Guarantee


Complementary Stillness Events

+ 24 yoga classes
+ 12 breathwork sessions
+ 12 sound healings
+ 6 cold plunges

Normally $1,988

Included for $0 extra

...and Exclusive Access to

Founder panels
Curated dinners
Happy hours
Health & Wellness marketplaces
Exclusive brand discounts

100% Money-Back Guarantee

This program is for you if:

  1. You are purpose-driven, striving to serve something greater than yourself.
  2. You are an ambitious, kind-hearted professional effecting positive change.
  3. You are open-minded and willing to do the work necessary to grow internally.

If accepted, you will grow alongside a highly-vetted cohort of open-minded professionals.

Guaranteed Results

We believe in the power of Stillness and this course so much that if by the 5th workshop, you don't qualify the program as a life-changing experience, we'll reimburse the program's total cost.
[pending minimal attendance]
No questions asked.
No strings attached.

Join a purpose-driven community of like-minded individuals
Executives at billion dollar companies
Professional athletes
High-profile creatives

Ambitious, kind-hearted professionals effecting positive change

Meet your cohort of high-performing professionals seeking growth and connection

Experience and compound Stillness techniques to accelerate the time to “inaccessible” benefits of meditation: calm composure, poise, and a deep sense of purpose.

A distillation of transformative breathing techniques to explore new depths of Stillness.

Learn the techniques distilled from Tibetan monks behind the most powerful tool we have at our disposal: our breath. Take-home practices are supported by the Still Life app.

Gain control over the best driver and predictor of human behavior there is… Values. Apply powerful insights to determine a subconscious hierarchy of principles driving human behavior. Unlock the clearest decision-making tool there is.

Built on a bedrock of Stillness and Values, learn a tool to remove the confusion, guesswork, and projection in professional and personal relationships.

Learn how to stop falling for fantasies and then suffering when you collide with the reality of who people actually are.

Every conflict, at its source, exhibits a breakdown in communication.

A Still mind engages active listening and the focused attention necessary to profoundly change the way we exchange information.

The results are a dramatically reduced time to alignment for all parties involved.

Unlock the hidden potential of what your mind is capable of.

Learn the expanded toolbox of one-of-a-kind Stillness techniques to deepen your practice on-demand.

Experience and learn to navigate to profoundly altered states of consciousness. In multiple ways. On demand.


In the Press


Uniquely developed Stillness techniques thoughtfully pull from rigorously tested disciplines to teach you to tap into optimal states of mind. These techniques result from decades of reality-testing to distill the essential, core truths of mindset optimization. Your state of mind is at the root of workplace performance, when you’re feeling on top, it reflects in your work.

Apply these skills to instantly relieve tension, connect to people, and channel pressure into enduring performance.

Without a scholarship, program enrolment is $1,000 per month. Book a 20-min call with us to learn more about eligability and the application process.

If you are paying out of your own pocket as a self-starter, an artist or a deep soul with a need for Stillness, please schedule a 20-min call and inquire about our scholarship opportunities.

We’re not asking you to decide yes or no today... We’re asking you to make a fully informed decision, that’s it.

The only way you can make a fully informed decision is through experience, not the words describing it. We want to make sure that you feel the application of Stillness to your life otherwise we’ll be dealing with half-measures.

For any reason whatsoever, if you want your money back up until the 4th session, provided complete workshop attendance, you can get it. All you have to do is email and let us know you’d like a refund and to be removed from the current cohort - our response times to any support request average 61min over a 24/7 time period.

You can only make such a guarantee when you're confident that what you have is the real deal. We’re confident that’s the case as are so many others who’ve experienced this and that when you experience Stillness, you’re going to get exactly what you need.

We have not found significant issues with this in the past.

Given that we can point to thousands of people whose lives have been changed by Stillness, we are confident that the value you will get from the program, should you be accepted, is dramatic.

However, if there’s any resistance, we’re always happy to talk with HR directly as we offer huge money-back guarantees and will work with them personally to determine the yard-sticks with which they would want to measure your success. Please see “How do I know that I will get a return on my investment?” above for how we make sure this offer is a no-brainer.

We do not want to gate-keep Stillness. That isn’t right.

We have been starving artists, scrambling entrepreneurs, and anxious hustlers. We truly believe in founders and people trying to deeply better the world.

If you are truly inspired by this, please schedule a 20-min call and ask about our scholarship program - we’ll figure something out.