43 years of mental performance training in 6 workshops.

A mental performance toolkit distilled from decades of Stillness practice and executive coaching. Learn and grow alongside a highly-vetted cohort of elite, open-minded professionals.

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*Capacity is limited. Availablity for cohort starting Feb 2022: 4
*Capacity is limited.
Availablity for cohort starting Feb 2022: 4
Last Updated 09.18.22

What you'll get

Become measurably more intelligent through the mastery of mental noise and distraction

Toolkits for clarity of thought and rapid self-improvement

Feel deep connection and friendship in a trusted network of accomplished high-achievers

Program Overview

Practice Stillness techniques, learn practical frameworks, and reinforce insights through interactive exercises. Connect with a like-minded group of high performers local to the LA area.

Our No-Strings-Attached,
Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in the power of Stillness so much that if after attending the 4th workshop, you don't feel that the expieince was life-changing, we'll reimburse every cent of the program's total cost.

No questions asked.

No strings attached.

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We teach the practical professional applications of Stillness through 6 half-day workshops

Meet your cohort of high-performing professionals seeking growth and connection

Experience and compound Stillness techniques to accelerate the time to “inaccessible” benefits of meditation: calm composure, poise, and a deep sense of purpose.

A distillation of transformative breathing techniques to explore new depths of Stillness.

Learn the techniques distilled from Tibetan monks behind the most powerful tool we have at our disposal: our breath. Take-home practices are supported by the Still Life app.

Gain control over the best driver and predictor of human behavior there is… Values. Apply powerful insights to determine a subconscious hierarchy of principles driving human behavior. Unlock the clearest decision-making tool there is.

Built on a bedrock of Stillness and Values, learn a tool to remove the confusion, guesswork, and projection in professional and personal relationships.

Learn how to stop falling for fantasies and then suffering when you collide with the reality of who people actually are.

Every conflict, at its source, exhibits a breakdown in communication.

A Still mind engages active listening and the focused attention necessary to profoundly change the way we exchange information.

The results are a dramatically reduced time to alignment for all parties involved.

Unlock the hidden potential of what your mind is capable of.

Learn the expanded toolbox of one-of-a-kind Stillness techniques to deepen your practice on-demand.

Experience and learn to navigate to profoundly altered states of consciousness. In multiple ways. On demand.

Refined by Experience

Our chief facilitator, Jim, has worked with some of the most successful CEOs and executives in the world for four decades on mental, spiritual, and emotional development.

Validated by Results

Our process is the result of decades of reality-testing to distill the essential, core truths of human development. The insights and interactive exercises crafted are practical, realistic, and highly effective.

After just 90 minutes, users report:


Decrease in
stress & anxiety


Increase in


Increase in


Increase in Clear

Reinforced by Community

Still Life connects purpose-driven individuals striving to serve something greater than themselves: from professional athletes to the C-suite of billion-dollar companies to high-profile artists and beyond. We take vetting seriously because we've found that Stillness is best learned in a driven and authentic community.

There are 4 spots left for the February 2023 cohort

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Other Offering Types


Want us to present at your all-hands? Introduce Stillness to your company to invigorate a sense of collective mission through an intervention that actually works.

Private Teams

Want to book a private room for your team? Gain the cohesive benefits of group-wide common language, deeper empathy, and enhanced communication.

Still Life unlocks the performance results you need in the time you don't have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stillness is a state of awareness with no perception of past or future. So when you are fully present, fully Still, it is neurologically impossible to experience a negative emotion. Period. Because all of your “negative” emotions are rooted one way or another in the past or the future.

How can you feel anger with no perception of past?

How can you feel anxious with no perception of future?

You can’t. Without using the mind to travel to the past and the future, these negative emotions dissolve. You open a new way of perceiving the present - the only thing that is actually real.

States of mind are like gears in a stick shift car. Stillness gives you the ability to recognise what gear your in and then change it if necessary. Pretty awesome to be able to feel peace, calm, connection, and love on demand. We think so at least.

In between watching your thoughts, being mindful, there are moments of pure Stillness. Those moments are what we expand on through our proprietary tools and techniques. This isn’t mindfulness, but meditative practices like that can certainly help.

In those moments, you are completely free from fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. You are then able to connect directly to yourself, your passion, and your company.

How can you feel anxious with no perception of future?

You can’t. Without using the mind to travel to the past and the future, these negative emotions dissolve. You open a new way of perceiving the present - the only thing that is actually real.

States of mind are like gears in a stick shift car. Stillness gives you the ability to recognise what gear your in and then change it if necessary. Pretty awesome to be able to feel peace, calm, connection, and love on demand. We think so at least.

People report that they wish that they had more meaning or purpose in their lives. Fundamentally, we want to extend and increase the moments where we feel deeply connected to our experience. Moments when you are awe-striken by what’s in front of you; whether that be a sunset, walking in the woods, or watching your kids laughing.

In that moment, everything seems perfect and your mind is Still. You aren’t thinking about past and future. You are right there.

At Still Life, we have crafted and honed tools and techniques to actively induce that state of mind… On demand. It has provided each of us employees within the business a deep clarity and meaning as we tinker with ways to increase and enhance this state.

It becomes self-evident after a while that the only sane thing to do is share that with as many people as possible. More meaningful moments through states of peace and clarity can only better the world.

So, individually, we aren’t special at all. We have a deep realization that this isn’t about us as individuals, it’s about the group.

It’s kind of a paradox… We’re completely commited to service in radical humility. I guess that is kind of special.

As with anything worth it in life, if you put in the work, you will get the rewards.

But Stillness is different.

There is no ceiling to mental clarity and peace. You will not peak at a certain age and slowly decline like physical fitness or mental acuity. Stillness of mind gets more powerful, more potent, and more meaningful the more that you do it.

In short, it will work for you if you work for it. The best part of the deal is that it has a lot more to offer.

Without a scholarship, program enrolment is $1,000 per month. Book a 20-min call with us to learn more about eligability and the application process.

We have a guarantee, The Still Life Guarantee…

We believe in the power of stillness so much, that if you finish the program and don't feel like you have received life-changing value, we will not only fully reimburse your entire cost back, we will reimburse any ancillary costs (travel costs etc.)

[Pending you actually show up]

No questions asked.

No strings attached.

We’ve found the people willing to actually do the work and reap the rewards of Stillness are high-performers seeking true fulfillment. People daring to dream, determined to grow, and inspired to share. The people who feel the urgency to grow and develop are the ones that gain the most from the practice.

If HR believes in your growth as an individual, they should. The program allows for such dramatic professional growth that it becomes clear quickly how it benefits the collective. If there’s any resistence, we’re always happy to talk with them directly as we offer huge money-back guarantees and will work with them personally to determine the yard-sticks with which they would want to measure your success.

We do not want to gate-keep Stillness. That isn’t right. We ourselves have been starving artists, scrambling entrepreneurs, and anxious hustlers. We truly believe in founders and people trying to deeply better the world. If you are truly inspired by this, book a 20 min call and ask about our scholarship program and we’ll figure something out.

Absolutely. You can book a private cohort for the full program or an offsite experience where we come to you. Inquire here if you are interested.

Yep! In order to truly deliver on experience, we have a few requests in terms of the venue type and capabilities. Don’t worry, unlike a lot of LA talent, we’re not too high-maintenance… We don’t need a bag of only yellow M&M’s. If this option is interesting to you, reach out here.

Yes, if you’re serious about quality, integrity, and bettering the world! We vet our partnerships very seriously so that our members don’t need to think twice. We put our neck on the line to serve the mission of Still Life. If you believe that you fit the profile, please book a 20 min call and we’ll talk!

Still Life is changing the way high-performers think.

"After just one Stillness session, I left with a clear and focused mind that I can not only translate into my professional career, but all aspects of my life.”

Erik Kendricks

NFL Pro-Bowler